23rd Enhr Conference 2011 - TOULOUSE (France) | ENHR 2011 TOULOUSE (France)

23rd Enhr Conference 2011 - TOULOUSE (France)

‘Mixité’ : an urban and housing issue ?
Mixing people, housing and activities as the urban challenge of the future.
After the Conference
You can still find many information on this website as : 
*Most of the delivered papers under  'After the Conference' (left side):
 - at 'Papers' for the Conference
 - at 'NHR Colloquium'  for the NHRC
* The videos of the plenaries on http://www.canal-u.tv/
Once on Canal-u website, on  the left side of the screen you read in French "Rechercher un programme" and on the line below "Tapez votre requête".
Enter on that line the name of the Conference like this: Mixité, an urban and housing issue
Click on "Trouver". 33 videos will appear, most of then both in an English version (VO - red little square) and a French version (VF - green little square). Enjoy the viewing.
* Toulouse Mayor's speech in two version (en & fr) - see left
*Please take five minutes to see The New Lanark issue (Scotland):
- Presentation by Mark Stephens from the University of Glasgow (click here for the pdf)
- Briefing Note (click here for the pdf)
- Website of 'Save Our Landscapes' : http://www.saveourlandscapes.com/
*Warning: Some of you have been contacted for publishing their paper by a Journal that is not a serious one. Please read the following note:
*You can still ask for your 'Individual Certificate for Paper Presentation'